Customizable Chunky Coffee Cup Sleeve

This review doesn’t have a pattern, it’s more of a hybrid of many Sleeve patterns floating around. (Mostly bases off a Moogly (Tamara Kelly) Pattern -Happy Hand Coffee Cozy)

It’s my Go-To Gift and I run to the person’s favorite coffee place, get a gift card and an empty clear cup! Then I just put the gift card in the cup and the Sleeve on the cup! Great Gift with zero wrapping!!! 

Review: This is a Super Fast project, only 6 Rows!! If you are familiar with Half Double Crochet, this will be a breeze!

Customizable Pattern:

Using 3 strands of Worsted Weight Yarn and a Size 6.5 Hook Chain the desired amount for the cup size you want (some hot and Cold cups differ). I typically chain around 25. 

Join the last chain to the first, make sure not to twist the chain. 

Half Double Crochet around for each Row.

The number of Rows depends on your cup. I typically make 6 Rows.

Time to Make: 15 Minutes

 Level : Beginner (Chain St and Half Double Crochet)

Link: None – See Above

Personal Materials Used

 3 Strands of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, 6.5 Hook, Needle, Scissors

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Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog! Please leave comments or pictures of your finished products!

Have a great day!

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