Egg-Cellent Apron

Great finished project!!!!! But….. It isn’t quick…. 

I made some modifications to make the Apron work up a little quicker… 

1. I doubled the yarn, using 2 strands of Worsted Weight Yarn at once.

2. For the first panel, I chained 60, I only crocheted 10 rows and cut out the long 3rd row of eggs.

3. For the belt/tie ends, I chained 60 on each side.

Review: Easily to follow and as shown above, easily modified! I think this is a unique item that in the right location could be a best seller. She does provide sizing (measurements) at the end of each section to let you check. I recommend using the measuring tape to stay on track.

Time to Make: 3 hours (with modifications, I’m not sure how long it will take if you follow the Pattern).


Level: Beginner (Chain And Half Double Crochet). The sewing can be a little difficult to understand, but once you do a couple it gets easier. 

Personal Materials Used: (2)Caron One Pounder, 6.5mm Hook, Scissors, Bobby Pins, Yarn Needle, Measuring Tape.

*All pictures are owned by Impatient Crochet, unless otherwise noted and can’t be distributed or used without permission*

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog! Please leave comments or pictures of your finished products!

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